Local Mission

A Local Mission Church is one that offers its community several services a month, but would like to improve their missional and community offering. So the resources in this section will help parishes make those small, minor changes to their church building that will make a huge difference to how they support worshippers and their community. This may be through making them more comfortable through improved access, a minor reordering, a simple servery, and/or a toilet, improved heating, or clearing some space for activities like Messy Church.

This may also give the church an opportunity to develop stronger links with other community organisations, or groups.  Perhaps the local school would like to use the building but have found that lack of facilities creates a barrier.

Churches considering this category would offer a good visitor welcome, range of interpretation, not just about their history and heritage but about their Christian Faith too. To develop this type of project may lead to improved community relationships with local people and between different groups in the village, encouraging a wider use of the building by the surrounding community.