Extended Mission

This is a church that could be considered as the main ‘community’ building in response to an identified local need. This category is good for those parishes that are happy for the church to be used by other groups of people within the community for a variety of purposes, if it is not already used in that way now.

This category would lead you to resources that will help you to further develop your church building and make it more comfortable for use by the wider community.  This may include adding a kitchen, toilets, improved heating and creating a meeting space, if this hasn’t already been done. There are also resources to help you identify and potentially fulfil wider community needs, by developing activities and services, serving the common good.  This could be through a community business, such as a café, or shop, markets, food exchange, arts and crafts, or through facilities that serve the wider tourism market, such as through holiday Pod accommodation, or champing. Churches considering this category would stay open every day, with a good visitor welcome and a good range of interpretation, not just about their history and heritage but about their Christian Faith. A regular maintenance plan will ensure the church is kept clean, tidy and in a good state of repair.