User Guide

This simple guide offers step-by-step support to using the Mission and Mortar Encounter Toolkit, from creating your account, through to using the toolkit and then accessing the resources that are relevant to you.

This is available to download here

There are nearly 500 resources available through this toolkit, which you can browse without needing to create an account. However, creating a user account will enable you to answer the survey questions that will generate the most appropriate resources for you.

When you create an account, your details will need to be verified by the admin team. We’ll process these as quickly as possible, but please bear in mind that this make take a day or two.

You may find it useful to create your account first, and then read through this user guide while you’re waiting for your user account to be activated.

Based upon the experiences of our pilot parishes within the Diocese, who’ve helped us develop the toolkit, we recommend setting aside about an hour to undertake the survey questionnaire. While the survey can be undertaken by an individual, you may find the experience more useful if you sit down as a group (perhaps even as a PCC) to discuss opportunities the questions may raise. Part of the exercise is to encourage and stimulate debate within your parish about potential mission opportunities that may arise by making changes to your church building.

If you encounter any problems with the toolkit or the resources (website links may change over time, for example), or if you know of any great resources that should be added, then please let us know. This is a new resource and we welcome all feedback. Please use the contact page on the toolkit to get in touch with us.